About Donna Parker

Donna Parker is a holistic health expert utilizing Classical Five Element Acupuncture and wellness consulting to support people in achieving lasting health and greater well-being. She began her journey of health and wellness over 25 years ago when she began her personal yoga practice. For over 15 years Donna has concentrated on Iyengar Yoga created by the world renowned yoga teacher BKS Iyengar. She has had the privilege of traveling to India to study yoga with Mr. Iyengar. It was her travels through developing countries that would later inspire her work on women’s health issues.

Continually seeking holistic treatment options, she began receiving Five Element Acupuncture treatments. So taken with her own experience, Donna began studying Western Herbal Medicine and then went on to study acupuncture. Today, she is a Licensed Acupuncturist treating individuals holistically in the Five Element system of acupuncture where body, mind, and spirit are all considered to be interdependent.

Always seeking the best health choices, Donna has discovered a perfect complement to the work she does with acupuncture. Teaming with USANA Nutritionals seamlessly integrates into her mission of providing holistic and healthy options for all people seeking lasting health and greater well-being. She has lead several groups through the RESET program and can assist people in choosing the right nutritional supplements for their individual needs.

“I derive my greatest joy in hearing from my patients how healthy and
genuinely happy they feel.”

Contact me to get on the path to wellness.

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